COVID-19 and End of NRAS Year Update

End of NRAS Year 

The end of the NRAS year (30 April) is fast approaching. AAHS has been collecting the relevant information throughout the year as the documents become due. Generally outstanding documents relate to March and April and only affect dwellings with documents due in those months. AAHS will submit claims for completed dwellings by the due date, 30 June 2020.

Dwellings with outstanding documents will be submitted in a second batch. However, if documents are not received by the 30 June 2020, AAHS will be able to request an extension. Depending on the impact of the COVID-19 virus, we may request an extension from the Department of Social Services.

To date AAHS has received and checked 80% of the compliance documents required by the end of the NRAS year. These are ready to claim the incentive when the DSS opens the portal for claims on 1 May 2020. AAHS will continue to keep you updated on progress.  Please do not call for updates prior to the 30 April, as AAHS is unable to submit any claims before that date.

Remember, you can check your details and your latest RTO in the investor portal. Any updates regarding our response to COVID-19 will be included on our website and we will continue to email you updates.

AAHS Response to COVID-19

At this point in time we are operating business as usual with the required government measures in place, including social distancing and good hygiene. AAHS has the technology and capability to work remotely if needed and our staff are currently trialing this option on a rotation basis. Our team will continue to answer phone calls as normal. However, in the event the office is required to close,  the phones will either be placed on answer machine, allowing you to leave a message, or diverted to available staff. All messages will be returned within the same day. AAHS will continue to impose government measures as they are announced.

Working with Property Managers

AAHS is in regular contact with property managers to assess how the COVID-19 restrictions are impacting them and their ability to continue to work. All property managers are implementing government restrictions. The feedback from property managers is that they are continuing business as usual with precautions around routine inspections and open homes, with some property managers suspending these activities completely. In addition, they are preparing to work remotely and have provided assurances to AAHS that they can still provide the relevant documents needed to complete the NRAS year.