Managing Director

Steve Bevington has been involved in the development and management of housing for over 40 years, including development of cooperative housing in London, Chairmanship of London Borough of Camden Council Housing Authority, Housing Cooperative Programs in Victoria in the 1980’s to his present role as the Managing Director of Community Housing Ltd (CHL) Group of Companies.  

Steve led CHL from a one worker organisation in one state in Australia to business operations into three of the four regions of the world which harbour extreme poverty. CHL has over 11,000 properties under management in Australia across six states managed through 22 offices. CHL also has international presence in Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Chile, Indonesia, Peru and India. 

He is one of Australia’s leading experts on housing affordability and is on the board of Community Housing Industry Association, Australia’s peak body for community housing and is a key contributor to policy advocacy for affordable housing matters in the country.

He is a registered builder and is an alumni of the Melbourne Business School.